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Guiding customers through the bank switch they didn't ask for

In August 2016, KeyBank was in the process of acquiring First Niagara Financial Group in New York. First Niagara was the hometown favorite; it was also the second largest bank in New York. KeyBank wanted to avoid the perception of being the overbearing bank coming in and taking over the little guy. And they had good reason. Research showed that in general, consumers distrust big banks and that during acquisitions, consumers are 3x as likely to switch. As the content manager for the project, I nixed the idea of a stodgy website and jargon-laden transition docs. Instead, I helped direct and write the microsite full of real KeyBank and First Niagara employees welcoming customers and answering questions—in their own words. 


  • Reassure First Niagara customers that all their financial accounts were in good hands

  • Introduce KeyBank to these new customers from First Niagara

  • Provide answers to these new-to-KeyBank customers—even when our team didn't have all the answers yet

What I did

  • Developed the information architecture for the microsite

  • Wrote ongoing emails about the transition for First Niagara customers (did I mention the details were constantly changing?) 

  • Wrote all 150 questions for, including 60 video scripts, factoids and other brand messaging content pieces

  • Oversaw the content creation and approvals for all videos, factoids, and microsite content

  • Created and managed the content strategy over the 4-month transition period, introducing new content to the microsite on a regular basis 

MeetKeyBank email1.png
MeetKeyBank email2.png
Meet KB question2.png
Meet KB question4.png
Meet KB question1.png
Meet KB question3.png
MeetKB page.png


​ stats

  • Bounce rate below 20%; goal < 50% (industry average)

  • 428,366 question and factoid views

  • 143,128 video views:

    • 85% video completion rate; goal > 70%

    • 1,108 hours of video content watched

  • 77% of visitors viewed multiple pages

  • Average time spent on-site was more than 3 minutes 

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