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Simplifying the UX process to launch a credit card in the UK, DE, and FR

How do you make sure your new product meets customer needs all while trimming the time for design iterations because of a lengthy approval process? That was the big question behind the first launch of the Amazon Business American Express Card outside the U.S. I helped develop a new way to map out all 9 customer journeys, separating it from the UX design mocks to speed up approvals and make tech implementations easier and faster. I did this as the senior UX writer and content designer behind the UK launch in Nov 2020, followed by the first non-English launch in Germany in May 2021 and France in Nov 2021.


Woman With Card copy.png
  • Launched a small business credit card with complex messaging to appeal to customers in 3 separate regions

  • Ensured all launch UX and marketing copy was approved on time and across 2 separate marketing and legal teams

  • Handled any and all content design fires that flared up throughout the process (can you say, Brexit?!)

What I did

  • Managed 9 separate customer user stories from the business requirement documentation to launch (for all 3 countries)

  • Streamlined UX content approval process by separating the writing from the visual mocks 

  • Coordinated the content approval process across 2 separate marketing and legal teams

  • Developed all UI copy, including product content (microcopy, error messages) and marketing efforts (emails, brochures)

  • Revised the detail page and application based on customer insights

small business card.png
UK small business card.png
German small business card.png
French small business card top.png
French small business card 2.png


  • Completed a successful, timely launch in 3 different countries within 12 months (did I mention this was in the midst of Brexit and then Covid?)  ​

  • Helped reduce the tech effort with each launch45% less time for the France launch compared to Germany

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