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Modernizing a major bank's site to better reach all their audiences was in need of an overhaul. They wanted to offer content and user flows specific to each of their many audiences–from retail customers to small business owners, wealth management clients, and enterprise-sized corporations. From the information architecture to testing to working with various stakeholders, I led the content design rework 700+ pages. The finished site was built using flexible templates that made dev updates easier and adding new content for 


  • Do a complete redesign of, using templates to make building the site and managing content easier

  • Structure the navigation to guide different types of customers quickly to where they need to go

  • Build flexible templates so that pages can be used throughout the site and for different types of customers

  • Rework all 700+ pages of content, deciding what stays, what goes, what changes, and what's missing

What I did

  • Performed an audit of the existing and all its web pages

  • Analyzed customer marketing data by customer type to develop on user flows

  • Collaborated with the UX, strategy, and marketing teams to decide on key performance metrics

  • Supported usability testing for key customer flow

  • Helped develop the information architecture, site map, and navigation for the site

  • Worked with the UX team to decide on templates for the site build

  • Coordinated the various client business teams to revise, rework, and approve new page content (hello, spread sheets!)

  • Wrote content. So much content. Retail, small business, wealth management, enterprise, and branding pages account detail page3.png account detail page1.png account detail page2.png

RESULTs redesign stats about 6 months post-launch

  • Retail checking account CTA clicks doubled

  • Mobile click-to-call for the small business section increased by 3.3x

  • Mobile bounce rate decreased by 10%

  • Time on site increased by 6.7%

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