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Giving women in business more face time. Real face time. 

KeyBank hadn't tapped into their outreach program for women business leaders in several years. I helped create a campaign to revive Key4Women just in time for National Women's Small Business Month in 2018. The gist? Encourage women and men to post images of the female business leaders that inspired them using the hashtag #RealLifeBosses. As the content lead over UX and marketing, I directed and wrote the marketing emails, landing page, social media, and internal messaging, along with coming up with the CX.  


  • Engage existing Key4Women members and get them talking 

  • Showcase Key’s commitment to women business leaders

  • Align the campaign with October’s Women’s Small Business Month

  • Grow Key4Women's presence online with a positive campaign

What I did

  • Managed project timelines and personnel internally, including creative, development, media and analytics teams

  • Coordinated with the client to get approvals on deliverables, collaborate on KPIs and to keep the project on budget

  • Researched marketing and external source material to develop the insights to drive the campaign messaging

  • Wrote web-based copy including hero message, landing page and outreach emails

  • Developed approach to social engagement and oversaw the development of paid and organic social editorial calendars, along with creative content pieces that included video



  • 2,552 landing page views; 345 for comparable campaigns

    • Unique visitors: 2,074 vs 361

    • Average time: 2:12 vs :54

  • 3.4 million social media impressions; 4 million projected​
  • 301,000 social media engagements; 28,000 projected

    • 1.86% LinkedIn static post engagement; industry benchmark .56%a

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